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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Life - a casino

Try this- whenever you’re in a sticky situation or you’re just fed up of life wondering what’s your purpose in life….think of yourself in the cosmic sense, chances are that you’ll start feeling better. :-) Looking at the bigger picture always puts things back in perspective when all roads lead a dead end.

What do you think happens to people who have a Near Death Experience? The entire life is flashed back in a half a second and suddenly they are jolted back to reality (if they are not knocking on heavens door) . And they will be like- what the fuck am I doing with my life??? and from that day onwards they start living life fully. Maybe do that sky diving thing he always wanted to do, show the finger to his boss :D ring his best frnd/ mate after 20 years whatever.

Life is a great leveler they say. I don’t see it that way. It’s too narrow a view, or it’s been summarized for fools like us to understand. There are people who have endured tremendous tragedies in life, they seldom find happiness. And there are people on the other side of town who might have knocked out at times but have found happiness more often. And then there are people in between which form the majority. There are times when you’re on a high and life is beautiful. You appreciate its meaning and then there are times where you get kicked around and eventually get up or don’t. Its all about percentages. Look at it closely we are just numbers in a big probability game. Mario Puzo mentioned the term Percentages in his book Fools Die magnificently. It’s a casino term used by the owner. He says the casino is governed by percentages. There won’t be 10 days straight where the blackjack counter will face losses, maybe 3 days but the next 7 days profits will pick up and will be conforming to the percentage. It HAS to in the long run. And if it ain’t, then something’s fishy, and that’s how they used to catch the guy who cheats. Amazing!

Nice analogy. Think of life as a casino. It’s been millions of years we species inhabit the Earth. We have come from the dust and will go back there. And everywhere you see, you will see percentages governing the universe. Now people bundle it into religion, fundamentals, mathematics –like a parts of a jigsaw puzzle and make fancy statements like ‘Its Fate’ and sell it to the public.

Inspired by->Bill watterson,Gods Debris-Scott Adams.

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