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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

mah GRG 270

I had to do it. Sooner or later. Was just waiting until I get some dough.
I was hooked ever since I saw that dude play that old wooden guitar. Well then fresh in college, I was more curious about this aloof kid than his toy. But when I started to listen to some good music and saw what he could do with that guitar, inevitably I started poking around.:) For the record he inspired 5 other budding axemen who knew nothing about music, and all have become good craftsmen. Maybe more.
Well I sucked for a long time(sucked? you dont now??) and my parents got an acoustic for me. Well its been around 3 years now to make the transition to electric.
And electric means Ibanez right? What about Fender, the one Clapton uses, or Gibson? Or Yamaha? Nahh. Those you buy when you go down the blues road, lol and you need to be good at it.

Alright then folks! So I went out and bought it! Im a proud owner of an Ibanez . It’s a slick black make with double locking floyd rose and is my baby! Lets hope it turns me into someone I always wanted to be. Where are the damn organizers.. Hang on, ill find a band.. Arrange a concert people. Book Wembley!! Im taking over!! ;)


urmila said...

Hello Sambora, The Axeman

Congrats and wish you achieve your dream and live your passion through.

Hope you will give your admirers and well wishers free front seats at Your concert.

All the best


Anonymous said...


Aditya said...

that is a cool post...

now u better get a double guitar like the guy from metallica.

Rishi Sambora said...

ILL get triple guitar

ma said...

So u r taking over the world , eh ?...great going ....& yeah ...I've booked the stadium....go get it sonny... :)