So you're here

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What just happened?

Staring… staring at the white screen as if I’m breaking an unbreakable code, but in reality I’m feigning work & checking the clock.. another hour to go for the bus..

what the hell am i doing here?

Shux , why did my boss have to sit right beside me ? … can’t even listen to my music in peace, poor fellow has to tap my shoulder to talk to me. Oh well, at least he doesn’t mind me being the only fellow on the floor to listen to music.

Boss-(Fake casual tone) oh you have music in your system?

Me -Yeah

Boss - um (fake grin) ok

Me --- ( puts back earfonz)

sigh, I try not to think of work seriously coz that will make me feel depressed. So I keep trudging along.. trudging along and checking the time…45 mins to go.. My boss is great BTW, i think hes my best boss ever.... although we have had the above conversation a couple of times.....hmmm i think he doesn't like me listening to music at work......hang on - some1 is pinging me

Frand : I need to smoke lets GO NAAW

Me – whai u calling me?

Frand: Chaal dood, im bored. I’ll treat you a Cold Coffee.

Dammit, I love Cold Coffee!

Shut down the computer, Boss immersed in his PC, good time to make a quiet getaway.

Start my mp3 player. Been a while since I changed my playlist. Too much Eluveitie! Gosh I love that band. I should listen some depressing songs, will prolly make me quit this company!

i love you o female with that sword...and i love your music too

Ah well, company’s all good, and before you get worked up, I've done my share of 90 hour a week routine at work. and I've realized that its not my cup of tea. ( I like coffee better) And dammit I have great friends here. I should stop seeing them, maybe that would make me wanna quit.

O well.

Frand has smoke and I enjoy my cold coffee. We crib about the company, traffic and our failed relationships while drooling at the cute females walking by. Bitching is fun. That’s our national pastime (I think) and I’m picking it up. He talks about the jam coming Monday. Jams are nice. That’s why I haven’t quit the company yet. Makes me wanna pick up my geetar again. Except I haven’t picked it up yet. My old electric is rusting away to glory, God help me.

He leaves. Poor souls got work and he actually works. Maybe he’s just scared of his onsite team leader who’s a woman btw. Woman bosses are bad I tell you. Why? Not much difference anyways, just that you don’t feel weird when you mouth gallis to your male managers.

I enjoy the wind. Still around 25 mins for my bus to leave. Takes me 15 to reach the bus bay. So I can take it easy. Also my cousin got his night shift today. So I might bump into him while I go back.

#now playing - Metallica – The Day that never Came.

(Marine down)

Born to push you around/Better just stay down/
You pull away/He hits the flesh/You hit the ground.

We got a winner here. It’s a great song and what an album after St.Anger! Good song , awesome video! Well except for Kirks solo which ….sounds the same.. okkkk its sounds great!!As usual Heitfield has belted out some awesome opening riffs in this song…


The song picks up

(Our hero Marine is pissed coz his friend got shot)

God I'll make them pay/

Take it back one day/

I'll end this day/

I'll splatter color on this gray

I finish my cold coffee and begin walking towards the bus bay. I think of calling Kaustubh who’ll be entering anytime soon. We don’t meet often. Just when I leave office and he enters.

OMFG not again

That sickening feeling when you reach for your mobile and all you get is empty space. Wait maybe I left it at home? No.. my friend called me for Cold coffee …so I had it when I went to meet him.. ya I think I kept it somewhere when we were bitching about life.

(marine is loading his M16 wid bullets and is like totally pissed)

Love is a four letter word/And never spoken here!

I hate my phone. No one is able to connect to me. I can never connect with anyone. And when it does my phone goes puff and restarts!!

O well , I still need to look for it. Can’t buy an IPHONE. My folks keep asking me where do I spend the money. They ask me to SAVE. I just cant come up with a good explanation. Maybe next time I’ll tell them how my friend in Australia earning Aussie fuckin’ $$ is in debt! And ya I don’t exactly get paid in $.

And I don’t even have a girlfriend. Ok im rambling here. (*wipes tear*)

(Marine aims at the Arab couple and he looks trigger happy OMG)

The sun will shine!/This I swear!/This I swear!/This I SWEAR!!!

I run ( LOL) back and grab a guys phone ( poor guy was enjoying his moment of solitude in the wind. Later I realized he was talking to some1)

Me :Whoops sorry man, I lost my phone & I have a bus

Him: ya whatever.

(pj) Kirk’s ripping solo starts…wah wah..(pj)

Dial my number. Hit green. I wait…. I wait a bit longer.. what???? Phones hung? NOT NOW.. Is this a Sony Ericson model? WTF I thought my Sony Ericson was the only fucked up piece!

Him: Ya, it gets hung sometimes. Give it like 2 mins

10 mins to go. It’s the last bus home. ZOMG

Its ringing…. Sweet. Hello? The other guys says my name. eh? what… after 10 seconds of stuttering I realize its Kaustubh on the other line. BLESS HIS SOUL… I don’t care how my phone got to you.. just gimme.

I go meet him outside his building. No time for explanation. Hes just LOLing at me. Well I have a history of losing stuff… it’s a long story… well 5 mins to go .. I see a cycle.

I have a sore leg. Another story. Cant really cycle uphill… but I take the cycle and hit the nitro and reach the bus bay in exactly 5 mins. Im convinced its like a world record for people with a history of broken femurs.

I see buses honking. I see my bus. It leaves the second I get in.

Song is ending…. The Marines don’t shoot those Arabs. The lady in the burkha had haunting eyes. I think that’s why the Marines didn’t shoot.

haunting eyes i tell you

Ah. Sweet. I didn’t miss the bus. Whats even better? I get a window seat! HA!

I think God sometimes does funny shit like these to teach me some stuff like keeping my things safe............only i dont learn and keep repeating the same mistakes......and funny shit keep happening.... newez I call up Kaustubh and find out that he called my mobile and apparently some kind soul had kept it for his safekeeping. God bless him. I hope he lives a 100 years and saves my future Iphone the next time I lose it.

For the record , I have never lost my mobile…….ever…… although I have lost a lot more interesting things.. which includes a pillow and a chair ( and lots of earfonz....including one which i had borrowed from my boss) BUT never a mobile!!

True story.

#Now playing : Eluveitie – Inis Mona…

ah now that’s more like it.. The night is young.

PS - if you haven't heard Day that Never Came , slap yourself and watch the video below. Slap yourself (again) and read my post (again) preferably with the music as background..