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Monday, July 09, 2007

Rare Bob Dylan Interview -- TIME vs DYlan

Taken from the 'Dont Look Back' documentary released in 1967 when Dylan was making the transition from acoustic to electric which enraged lots of fans. It is a gritty black and white documentary that follows him during a tour in England.

Rolling Stones-
'Filmed during Bob Dylan's tour of Britain in the spring of 1965, Don't Look Back -- now in a definitive two-disc edition -- is the first and best pop documentary of its kind, a defining study of celebrity as suffocation.It is a masterpiece of all-access portraiture, too, capturing a Dylan (not yet twenty-four) who is shy, wily and pissed off in rapid, unpredictable succession, yet also driven to create.'

Part of a user review -->
'The best part of DON'T LOOK BACK is when Bobby Dylan starts ripping apart a reporter from TIME, telling the guy from TIME that he is a moron. It's also fascinating to see these old school businessmen putting up with antics because they know he will make them rich.'

'The sequence of these events show clearly how Dylan is at a loss with the publics perception of him. He can't just be himself. He wants to come across as a guy like anyone else but his sarcastic and meaningless interaction with the press only makes things worse'

Bob Dylan was not a media man, he hated the media.. He was just a simple man wanted to write some songs.

Well looks like the reporter got the wrong man, Dylan kicks royal butt.Check it out!


ma said...

I feel sorry for the reporter...Dylan ripped him apart , didn't he ?

Rishi Sambora said...

Serves him right :D