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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sambora's on a Lost Highway

CHEERZ! Jovi/Sambora debuted at #1 in 8 countries+European+World Charts,#2 in 3 countries for its new Album 'Lost Highway'. But they have decided to take it easy for a while and start the Worldwide tour from Jan ( Hope India is included) coz Sambora fresh from divorce and a breakup(:P not the same) entered the rehab for alcohol treatment for a week. There's a flip side for everything huh?
Neway i forgot quite a few bdays this july(nothing new) and Sambora's one of them,He had it on 11th of July.Belated Birthday for him! LOL thats why he must have quickly got out of the rehab after one week! Don't wanna miss the booze on your birthday!!
Well lots of fans and peers alike adore him for his guitar skills but did you know he had a kick ass voice!? TIMES better than Jon Bon Jovi esp post Keep The Faith.
One dude ( goes to say that Jon Bon Jovi is the weakest link in the group(Hugh McDonald, the highly talented former Alice Cooper bassist, Dave Bryan is a hugely talented pianist who attended Juilliard,Tico Torres was a sessions drummer for Chuck Berry,and our own Sambora!!)Valid point, too harsh though, THats another story, we'll take that up later!

Heres something I found on youtube which will blow you away!. He's got soul ! Tough year for him.Lost his Dad too.But he'll come out unscathed and will keep rocking the world!

Richie Sambora performing It's My Life at the Rockin' The Corps concert, 2005


ma said...

Enjoyed it thoroughly....though i did feel sad after listening to the song.... effect of the violin perhaps... :(

amey said...

dude.. nice blog :).. they hav given another nice hit..... Sambora and jon bon jovi rocKKK !!!!!

amey said...

link is not working :(