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Monday, January 22, 2007

BULL symphony

People often ask that if you had the chance to live your life again then what would you change? Well me and most of my close friends say they would live this life exactly the same way and make the exact same decisions…. Although this question is highly illogical and only framed to make you realize the wrong turns you’ve taken and those regrets you have stashed away far away in the depths of your infinite subconscious, it does make you sit up and wonder sometimes..
Me? Nah I wouldn’t change a thing , but one thing I wish I had done was take up the guitar and start axing at 12.God knows what was going through my mind then. 6th standard rite? Hmm Mrs. Lad class teacher,? Aaaargh… I think Anish Jain was my partner.
The cricket sessions were some of the getaways we had, yeah we had fun.. and not that I regret any of that now, and obviously at least I have taken up axing though very late by van halen standards(lol).
We’re drifting away from the topic…. Well if you observe the guitar legends, almost everyone maybe with the exception of Tom Morello(who is incidentally a Harvard Graduate) made it big young and mainly started of young.. Yeah everyone was a child prodigy.
Van halen started axing at 12.Zakk Wylde got the ozzy job at 19!!!!!! Wtf.. I started off at 19 man!!! And these guyz were already practicing 8-10 hours a day and setting the stage on fire in their late teens! Hmm I don’t mind getting my first gig when my grandchild is born, what matters to me that I scale that height!!!! Mannnn I wonder how these guyz manage to go more than 8 hours man, I can hardly sit for more than a hour… yeah reminds me of my new year resolutions, at least one 5 hour day a month…..aaaargh,,
I’ve seen live shows of some local bands…And a couple of them literally blew my mind away. One was Threynode…This was in IIM-K 2005 I think.. They were the opening act for MotherJane(which is another gr8 piece).They were mainly trash…Slayer etc etc… But it was a 3 piece band…bassist vocalist, axeman, and tht crzy drummer..
Whoa Prem, I still remember that axeman’s name, wonder how he’s doing now. That guy is the best live guitarist I’ve ever seen…yea I have seen Joe sat in Mumbai, not saying he’s better than Joe sat.. cm on man Satch is god, but this guy is Indian man, ho ha India aa ja India… ….wt d hell, I don’t see much tv nowadays…. This guy Prem stayed in one place, was in his own zone(Thank you Father Francis keep spreading the positive energies) and did his own thing and that zombie gf of his sat alone in the corner of the stage…wtever..
And if Rapden(bless his soul :-D) sez he’s good… he oughta be good!!!
… Ive often read magazines RSj and all but never found this amzing band in their reviews and all, which makes you wonder that others getting the space have to be better than these guyz, or maybe these fellows weren’t noticed at all.//
Well that and Evergreen( again IIM 2006 was it?) made me realize that Indian bands are world class…only thing shitty mtv and the himesh (@#$%@#$%@#% grrrr_) makes sure they never get to raise their heads. But the scene is changing now… Who cares if its not commercial, or no platinum (gold for that matter)Indian rock albums are released in India,we’ll just enjoy the show… rite??? Waisa Indian underground rock scene is pretty loyal, as the case with any other county. But commercially I don’t see anything big happening.. coz it’s the age of trance, dj and dance tracks in India.. go to any disc and you’ll know what im talking about.. btw reminds me tht nite in nirvana.. tht dj played my ‘livin on a prayer’ request… and I headbanged so hard, my neck must’ve snapped…and it was pretty sore the next day…just becoz of tht 1 song…
Sore necks… happened to me a few times.. Motherjane in IIM-K , after the opening act of Threynode, by then I was wondering if the opening act is so good, motherjane must be nuts…. And they were , that was one night I’ll never forget.. my first rcck concert….i still remember after the show Moon a looney but very nice friend of mine came up to me and said shoot me now, shoot me now, I wanna die when im this high,, hahaha u know wht I mean, I just nodded –yea man gimme a gun , I’ll do the honours….Well the IIM show is another story and will be told nevertheless..
I realized the true meaning of a professional when I saw these guys live.. they sure look cool up there in the stage, but below that surface is years and years of practice which goes up to 7-8 hrs a day… which doesn’t sound so glamorous.. and guys who want to ape them for instant fame ,glamour seldom make it big… I asked motherjane’s axeman how long has it been since he took up the axe, he said umm 17-18 yrs. Nice, by then ill be touching 40… hmmm.. you see these are the kind of things which drag you down, but you gotta ignore all this and keep going forward… and this is easier said than done… L((((
You can think and talk a lot of bullshit about doing a lot of stuff good or bad, but until you don’t put your mind, body and soul to it, its gonna remain just that---Bullshit..


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